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The following documentation outlines how to work with configuration.

Configuring rules

npm-package-json-lint rules can either be run as an error, warning, or off.

  • "warning" - run the rule as a warning
  • "error" - run the rule as an error
  • "off" - disables the rule

Ex: "require-author": "error"

.npmpackagejsonlintrc.json file

Please see .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json file.

Shareable config

v2+ added support for shareable npm-package-json-lint config! If you would like to use your .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json file in multiple projects you can create a npm module that exports your config.

How to create shared config

Create a new npm module that exports the desired npm-package-json-lint configuration. The module name must start with npm-package-json-lint-config-. Add the desired configuration to the index.js file.

const config = {
'rules': {
'require-name': 'error'

module.exports = config;

For a complete example, please see npm-package-json-lint-config-default

How to publish a shared config module

Follow these instructions for publishing to npm. Please add the following keywords for discoverability, npm-package-json-lint, npm-package-json-lintconfig, and npm-package-json-lint-config.

Please also add a dependency on npm-package-json-lint using peerdependencies. Example

peerDependencies: {
"npm-package-json-lint": ">= 2"

How to use a shared config module

Add the following to your .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json file.

"extends": "npm-package-json-lint-config-default"

npm-package-json-lint-config-default can be replaced by the name of the shared module you are using.

Configuration override

v4+ added support for configuration overrides. This is great for monorepos. Please see an example below:

"extends": "npm-package-json-lint-config-default",
"overrides": [
"patterns": ["modules/module1/**/package.json"],
"rules": {
"license-type": "warning"
"patterns": ["modules/module2/**/package.json"],
"rules": {
"valid-values-license": ["error", ["Bob"]]

What is this doing?

  • license-type will be set to warning for all package.json files under modules/module1.
  • valid-values-license will be set to ["error", ["Bob"]] for all package.json files under modules/module2.

Config Sources

There are multiple ways to provide configuration. They include:

  1. Add a npmpackagejsonlint property in package.json file
  2. Add a npmpackagejsonlint.config.js file that exports a config object in the current working directory.
  3. Add a global .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json file in the root of your user directory
  4. Add a global npmpackagejsonlint.config.js file that exports a config object in the root of your user directory

Config Examples

Note: this is valid for v2.x.x+. Please see migrating-from-v1-to-v2. Please see .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json if you would like a v1 example.

.npmpackagejsonlintrc / .npmpackagejsonlintrc.json

"rules": {
"require-author": "error",
"require-description": "error",
"require-engines": "error",
"require-license": "error",
"require-name": "error",
"require-repository": "error",
"require-version": "error",
"require-bugs": "error",
"require-homepage": "error",
"require-keywords": "error",
"bin-type": "error",
"config-type": "error",
"description-type": "error",
"devDependencies-type": "error",
"directories-type": "error",
"engines-type": "error",
"files-type": "error",
"homepage-type": "error",
"keywords-type": "error",
"license-type": "error",
"main-type": "error",
"man-type": "error",
"name-type": "error",
"preferGlobal-type": "error",
"private-type": "error",
"repository-type": "error",
"scripts-type": "error",
"version-type": "error",
"valid-values-author": ["error", [
"Thomas Lindner"
"valid-values-private": ["error", [
"no-restricted-dependencies": ["error", [
"no-restricted-pre-release-dependencies": ["error", [
"no-restricted-devDependencies": ["error", [
"no-restricted-pre-release-devDependencies": ["error", [
"name-format": "error",
"version-format": "error"

npmpackagejsonlint package.json property

Note: Only one rule included to keep the example concise

"name": "npm-package-json-lint",
"version": "0.1.0",
"description": "CLI app for linting package.json files.",
"keywords": [
"homepage": "",
"author": "Thomas Lindner",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": ""
"devDependencies": {
"mocha": "^2.4.5"
"npmpackagejsonlint": {
"rules": {
"require-author": "error"


Note: Only one rule included to keep the example concise

'use strict';

module.exports = {
rules: {
'require-author': 'error'

Configuration Schema

A JSON schema is available here to validate your configuration.