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A configurable linter for package.json files

MIT License

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Configurable rules

Rules allow you to tailor your desired file format.

Configurable rules

Monorepo support

npm-package-json-lint is capable of scanning projects with multiple package.json files.

Monorepo support

Shareable config

Shareable config allows you to create your own reusable module or consume someone else\'s module to enforce rules.

Nothing on by default

npm-package-json-lint does not have any rules enabled by default.

Ignore support

You might not want to lint all package.json files in your project. Ignore support allows you to easily specific what files to skip.

Node.js API

All of npm-package-json-lint\'s CLI functionality is also exposed via a Node.js API.


Graphic Design

Shout out to Isak Knivsland for his work on the graphics.